Kinder League (4 - 6 yo)
October 24 (Saturday) at 4:00 pm

Coach Jasmine
Class length
45 minutes
Age group
4 - 6 Year Old
Have a little energizer bunny at home and you find yourself cracking your head every week deciding where to expend your child's energy? This fast-paced and fun class could be your answer. Each term is focused on two particular sports, like basketball, soccer, rugby, mini golf etc, where the basic skills in the sport is being taught to our budding athletes. Our ever-encouraging instructors inject the fun to learning these basic skills, with songs and cheers incorporated in every lesson. 

Your child is guaranteed to sweat it out while developing her hand-eye coordination, building strength and flexibility. There are countless benefits of sports for children, not just confined to physical benefits, but social, emotional, and intellectual. Learning to cheer her friend on, help each other, receive encouragement from his instructors, master visible skills such as catching or bouncing the ball, children build self-esteem and confidence that they are able to achieve tasks when they put in the effort. Like in life, no one can win all the time, and through sports, children learn sportsmanship - that it is ok to lose. What is important is to get back up and try again. This is undeniably a trait which researchers have found to be present in most successful individuals.

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