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Give your child a natural head start to the Mandarin language with Kinder Bubs Mandarin Playgroup (6-16mths)!  This class is specially curated based on De Kinder Club’s unique multi-sensorial and experiential curriculum where our little ones learn through meaningful play! Children will be exposed to a repertoire of baby-safe textures and materials based on specific themes every lesson, including music and movement, sensory activities and more!

Give your child a head start to building familiarity, love of the language, and a strong foundation in Mandarin through this weekly immersion✨

- Story-telling, puppetry
- Music and movement
- Sensory activities
- Art and craft
- Build vocabulary and knowledge

Research has shown that the earlier in life a child is exposed to a particular language, the quicker the child learns the language later in life. Moreover, learning a second language is proven to boost problem-solving and critical thinking skills, improve memory, concentration, and the ability to multitask.

*Conducted in Mandarin by a native Chinese teacher

Every Thursdays, 11.15am - 12.30pm



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