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Purchase Pass

This pass is for the purchase of a Explorer range Kinder Learning Box (suitable for 17 month olds to 3.5 year olds).
Learning does not need to stop even when we are home! At this age, children are active and curious about everything - offering them meaningful and educational activities will keep them engaged in a healthy way! Our activities are planned and prepared by early childhood specialists, which aim to build and reinforce preschool concepts like literacy and numeracy, as well as gaining knowledge about the world around them! 

What is included:
- Step-by-step guides created by teachers
- Lesson visuals
- All materials required for the activities (teacher-approved materials!)
- At least one-hour worth of activities
- Youtube links (if required in lesson)

We will get in touch with you after your purchase to gather more information from you such as: 
- Your address for the boxes to be delivered

*Delivery takes about 3-5 working days
*Please send us a whatsapp at +65 8687 0905 for any enquiries



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