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Purchase Pass

This pass is for the purchase of a LEARNERS range Kinder Learning Box (suitable for 3.5-6 year olds).
Engage in science exploration, build general knowledge, sharpen fine motor skills through craft, and develop a scientific mindset through activities created to build problem-solving, critical thinking, and curiosity!

What is included:
- Step-by-step guides created by teachers
- Lesson visuals
- All materials required for the activities (teacher-approved materials!)
- At least one-hour worth of activities
- Youtube links (if required in lesson)

We will get in touch with you after your purchase to gather more information from you such as: 
- Your address for the boxes to be delivered

*Delivery takes about 3-5 working days
*Please send us a whatsapp at +65 8687 0905 for any enquiries



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